DEFINE Visual Research – Water Walk

Prompt: Walk to the nearest body of water

I semi-planned this route, by looking for the nearest bodies of water on google maps. I only intended to visit one but there were a surprising amount fairly close, so I walked to each of them. I have been to all of these places individually but I hadn’t necessarily paid them any attention.

Walking around thinking about water drew my attention to lots of other watery elements – traces on the pavement, droplets on wire, puddles etc.

The act of photographing on an actual (film) camera made me pay closer attention to these details. In a previous tutorial Stuart suggested I add instructions to create something to the cards. It’s hard to find a balance between giving enough structure that people feel secure, and being off-putting. For now I have added ‘document it’ to some of the prompts because it allows some flexibility for people to sketch, photograph, write or anything else.