DEFINE Deck of Cards

I have scanned in some of the experiments (with varying degrees of success, due to the 3d nature of some of them). To get started, I have begun to mock up some cards.

These were made in a hurry and I’ve currently got two styles of imagery that don’t quite match. Before I do anything else I will colour correct and tidy it all up. I’m not super-excited by these but at least it’s a start.

I’ve found a couple of places that will print custom decks of cards for a reasonable price. I plan to get a few sets printed and give them out to people to test and provide feedback.

Currently I’m trying to keep the visuals quite textured. They’re intended to be taken outside, and I don’t want to make anything too clean. Next step is to do some more visual research and trying to develop them a bit more.

I like the way The Royal Studio have used similar analogue abstract imagery but made them into contemporary and dynamic graphics through collage and moving image.

Tutorial – 29/10/2020

  • Find a variety of styles – lots of experimentation
  • Each card should have a different style
  • Expand on the cards – make a workbook to accompany
  • Develop typography more – handmade and expressive. Vary across the cards. Need to do lots of experimentation.
  • Possibly expand into a proposal for an online platform where people can share their outcomes
  • Could offer a randomly generated print-on-demand book from results